The Delta Dental Network Advantage

Here are 3 reasons why our networks provide more value than other carrier networks.

1. Our Net Effective Discount is Higher

With the Delta Dental PPOTM plus Premier network advantage, groups will experience a higher net effective discount. Just comparing our PPO network utilization to our competitors doesn't tell the whole story. With vast in-network utilization of more than 90%, Delta Dental PPO plus Premier multiplies the discounts groups receive. The following video explains why we have the best net effective discount in the nation.

2. Our Networks aren't Leased

We contract directly with all of our participating dentists. No portion of our networks is leased.

What's wrong with leased networks?

3. Everybody is Doing it...Wrong

It stands to reason that a dentist who hasn't filed a claim in the past year probably shouldn't be counted as a practicing dentist. Netminder now compares dentist network reports with actual claims data and has found carrier dentist directories to be overstated. After all of the screening, one fact remains - Delta Dental still has the strongest network in the country.