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Understanding Your Dental Benefits

Have questions about your dental benefits? The following videos and materials were designed to help you understand some of the most commonly asked questions about using dental benefits.


  • The Many Ways Dental Benefits Pay

  • 4 Ways to Evaluate a Dental Benefits Carrier

  • Your Explanation of Benefits, Explained!

  • Demystifying Delta Dental's Networks

  • Why It Pays to Stay In-Network


Other Materials

  • What Dental Benefits Do - And Don't Do

    What Dental Benefits Do
  • How to Choose a Dental Plan

    How to Choose a Dental Plan
  • How to Save Money on Dental Care

    How to Save Money
  • Understanding Your Benefits Overview

    Understanding Your Dental Benefits
  • A Guide to Your Explanation of Benefits

    EOB Guide
  • Predetermination of Benefits FAQ

    Predetermination FAQ
  • Dental Benefits Glossary

    Dental Benefits Glossary


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