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Why Delta Dental?

Dental coverage has become an important benefit for employees, who are increasingly recognizing the connection between oral and overall health. With as many as 120 medical conditions that can be detected with dental checkups, employers are also recognizing the importance of dental benefits in controlling health care costs. How can you help your clients improve their bottom line and boost employee morale? By recommending Delta Dental. Why? Because our number one goal is to provide an exceptional dental benefits program for companies and their employees. When it comes to recommending dental benefits for your clients, you can present Delta Dental of Virginia with confidence.

1. The Delta Dental Difference® – Bringing Value to Your Clients’ Dental Benefit Dollar

Access to the country’s most extensive network of dentists1, combined with a focus on preventive care benefits, award-winning customer service, and state-of-the-art technology for instant, accurate information and claims processing all add up to The Delta Dental Difference. And that difference ultimately equates to an incredibly effective dental benefits program for your clients and their employees.

2. Innovative Dental Benefit Solutions

Built-in features like Healthy Smile, Healthy You® and MaxOverTM make it easy to entice employees to stay healthier through preventive care. Additional options and benefits can be customized into a dental benefits plan that will best fit your clients’ financial needs and their employees’ oral health needs.

3. We Make Doing Business Easy

We offer your clients a variety of cost-efficient coverage choices, including options that meet Essential Health Benefits requirements for pediatric dental benefits, whether embedded in a medical plan or stand-alone. Then, from introduction to a smooth implementation for your clients, Delta Dental makes it easy for you to confidently recommend our dental benefits plans. Once up and running, your clients will experience quick, accurate claims processing through our extensive back-end processing systems, as well as time-saving online tools that use the latest technology to access eligibility, maintenance and group reporting. Furthermore, employees can access their benefits information anywhere, on any device, from our interactive website and streamlined mobile website.

4. Customer Service with a Smile

Your clients' employees will be serviced by an award-winning customer service team fully trained to focus on their dental needs. Our claims processing system was built specifically for dental benefits requirements, which means members don’t have to wait while someone searches through extraneous medical, surgical or prescription drug data. Our exceptional customer service and client satisfaction ratings mean you won’t have to spend time intervening on your client’s behalf to handle multiple inquiries.

5. Promoting Oral Health Across Virginia

At Delta Dental, we believe everyone deserves a healthy smile. That's why we created the Delta Dental of Virginia Foundation, which, since its inception in 2012, has provided more than $4.2 million in grants to numerous non-profit organizations whose work includes oral health research and education, as well as improving access to dental care for the underserved. All of our efforts are designed to bring us closer to reaching our goal of improving the oral health of all Virginians.

6. Peace of Mind – We’re the Dental Experts

Delta Dental of Virginia has been providing dental benefits for more than 50 years to members across the Commonwealth that are easy to administer, easy to use, and most importantly...cost-efficient. More than two million members, spread across thousands of group and individual policies know that, unlike many other providers for whom dental coverage is just part of their business, we specialize in dental coverage, making us The Dental Experts.

1Delta Dental Plans Association, September 2018