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Small Business Dental and Vision Insurance Plans

Delta Dental’s customized dental and vision benefit plans are tailored to meet your small business needs. We offer access to the largest network in Virginia1 with a wide variety of benefit combinations to meet any budget.

Our small group plans offer variety and flexibility, with a large suite of benefit options, as well as a choice of deductibles, annual maximums, coinsurance amounts, and more. 

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Why choose Delta Dental?

award-winning customer service

Award-winning service

You’ll enjoy the support of an award-winning customer service team who understands your specific plan and is responsive to your needs.

Delta Dental dentist network Virginia

Largest network in Virginia

Your employees will have access to the largest dentist network in Virginia1, which means that their family dentists may already be part of our family. Learn more about our networks.

Delta Dental insurance products plans

More product choice

We offer group dental insurance with a variety of plans that allow you to find quality coverage that aligns comfortably with your small business needs. 

Small business dental plans

Dental plans

Our group dental plans for small businesses have a variety of benefit levels to meet your employees' needs. Each of our plan options gives members access to one or both of the Delta Dental networks: Delta Dental PPO™ and Delta Dental Premier®. With our small group plans, you can customize your dental plan by choosing from a wide variety of benefit options.

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Vision plans

DeltaVision® gives you exactly what you need in a vision plan — high quality, affordable benefits from partners you can trust: Delta Dental and VSP® Vision Care. You’ll also enjoy everyday savings and exclusive member extras you can’t get anywhere else. By adding DeltaVision to your benefit offerings, your employees get best-in-class dental and best-in-class vision in one complete package.

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Vision plans
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