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Looking for a quality, affordable dental benefits plan? Whether you're looking for a group plan for your employees or clients, or for an individual plan for your family, we've got you covered. 

Information for Brokers

group dental insurance plans

Dental plans

Our dental plans offer a variety of plan designs and product features, and are paired with the largest network in the nation*. From customized, small group plans for 2-99 employees, to large group plans for 100+ employees, we have plans that will meet all of your clients' needs.

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Vision plans

Delta Dental of Virginia has partnered with VSP Vision Care to bring your clients flexible, affordable vision benefits that you can recommend with confidence: DeltaVision. We offer several plans with a variety of benefit frequencies, allowances and copayment options, all with excellent network access.

Information for Employers

Dental plans

Small businesses

Are you a small business owner looking for coverage for 2-99 employees? We have a wide variety of benefit options, including cost-effective voluntary plans for up to 300 employees.

Large groups

Are you looking for dental coverage for more than 100 employees? Our large group plans can be tailored to fit your needs with a wide variety of benefit levels and service options.

group vision plans

Vision plans

DeltaVision gives you exactly what you need in a vision plan — high-quality, affordable benefits from partners you can trust: Delta Dental and VSP Vision Care. You’ll also enjoy everyday savings and exclusive member extras you can’t get anywhere else. By adding DeltaVision to your benefit offerings, your employees get best-in-class dental and best-in-class vision in one complete package.

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individual dental insurance plans

Individual plans

The same high-quality, affordable benefits available to our group members, are also available to individuals. Find out more about our individual plans.

*Delta Dental Plans Association